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Learn About the Basics of Hospice Care

May 11, 2019

The decision as to whether one should begin receiving hospice benefits is often an emotionally draining and difficult decision, not only for the person needing hospice care, but for their family. 

It is sadly the realization that one’s life may soon be ending and that the attempts of curing the person’s illness have been unsuccessful. 

Hospice is a program of care for ...


We did not have a lot of rules in my family. Oh, the usual safety rules “look both ways before you cross the street” and “don’t stick a metal fork in the electrical outlet.” There were a couple of basic health rules like “drink your milk to grow big and strong” and “brush your teeth before bed.” That was about it.

My parents gave us the ...

On Stage: 'Baby' Love

A compact musical like “Baby” is tailor-made for a local theater company like the Armonk Players.

Best described as a cross between a book musical and a revue, “Baby” essentially is a series of sketches that are by turns compassionate and comic, chronicling the adventurous journey expectant mothers and their mates take toward the “miracle of birth.”

This ...

Attack of the Frozen Forehead

About five years ago, I noticed that the shallow lines on my forehead had started to morph into wandering rivers. Since I wear my hair very short, there wasn’t really any way to cover them up and I complained to my husband that I was starting to look old.

“How old do you think you look?” he asked.

“Around 50,” I replied.

“You are 50,” he ...

Big Brother is watching

A few days ago I read a story about a dystopian society where everyone was being watched by thousands of cameras, and the government had all these people in a big room where they watched all the video and, using high-speed computers, interpreted all the data so they could identify certain behaviors. The story was in the New York Times, and the name of the place was Ecuador. They bought the system ...