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South Salem Fire Department, South Salem

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All in a Day's Work

August 13, 2022

Good moms…

They have bad days, and great days, hard days, normal days, overwhelming days, perfect days, trying days, supermom days and just being a mom days.

They have a whole lot of love and real and crazy motherhood days.

In the end, if you keep showing up and doing your best, you’ll realize these are the best days. You were chosen to be their mom and you will be ...

An Endorsement for Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney

August 10, 2022

To the Editor,

I enthusiastically endorse Sean Patrick Maloney for the Democratic primary for Congress.

Through my years on the Bedford Town Board, Bedford Town Supervisor and now as an Assemblymember, I have known and worked with Congressman Maloney for virtually the entire time he has served in Congress. He has proven to be a strong, reliable and effective advocate for the communities he ...

Chipmunk Crossing

I enjoy watching the many visitors stopping by outside to munch on the grass or search for nuts, berries and nectar. The brown bunny, squirrels, geese, cardinals, blue jays, hummingbirds and butterflies appear in my yard on a daily basis.

My favorite visitor is the chipmunk. Those adorable little brown furry animals with large dark eyes and distinctive black and white stripes down ...

Clear Cut

For decades, when compared to Katonah and Bedford Village, Bedford Hills has felt like the neglected stepchild when it comes to love from the town. The recent clear-cutting of two dozen trees in the central business district is another indignity the hamlet has had to suffer from town officials. The denuding of these mature trees has a jaw-dropping impact on the look of the hamlet – drawing ...

Decorating Not in the Budget

When we first moved to Katonah we were, “Poor as church mice,” as the saying goes. This was our first house, and there was so much more decorating needed than in the tiny apartment where we had previously lived. The landscaping was very overgrown and really should be replaced, because it was so leggy. That we could not afford to do, but it would at least need a professional trimming ...

A Little Bird Told Me

I consider myself an amateur ornithologist, which is someone who studies birds just for fun. I don’t get paid for most of the things I do on a daily basis, so for instance, I also take out the garbage and do the dishes “just for fun.” Birds are all around us, offering clues about our history and about our future on this planet. Their migratory habits are affected by climate ...

Life, the Audition Edition

If Paul McCartney is the iconic Beatle, never was John Lennon’s mischievous role as the ironic Beatle more evident than in his famous utterance after the world’s most successful band played its last gig – “I hope we passed the audition.”  

As a moonlighting thespian, I know a little something about auditions – very little, judging by the results. Let ...

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

As someone who grew up during the introduction of electronic banking, text messaging, and social media, I live in the cross-roads of storing records “the old-fashioned way” (in cabinets and closets in my home) and storing records “on the cloud” (whatever that means!).

Regardless of the preferred record-keeping mode, most people have some sort of digital footprint, ...

Northwell Appoints Chief of Colon and Rectal Surgery for Westchester

August 11, 2022

MOUNT KISCO, NY – Northwell Health today announced the appointment of Parul J. Shukla, MD, as regional chief of colon and rectal surgery for Westchester County, serving Phelps and Northern Westchester hospitals, as well as the Northwell Health Physician Partners medical practice in Chappaqua Crossing. This new position will be responsible for building a robust colorectal surgery program for ...

TAPinto South Plainfield Publisher Darlene Tedesco-Cullen Named Grand Marshal of Labor Day Parade

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ — When Darlene Tedesco-Cullen received a call from South Plainfield Councilwoman Christine Faustini to talk about the borough's annual Labor Day parade, Tedesco-Cullen thought she knew what it was about.

"Usually I help judge the floats, so I figured she was going to ask me if I was going to be around Labor Day to judge again," Tedesco-Cullen, the ...