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Fri, August 19, 1:00 PM

Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah

Senior Socials at KMA


Fri, August 19, 6:30 PM

Putnam County Golf Course, Mahopac

Concert at the Putnam County Golf Course: Disco ...


Sun, August 21, 9:30 AM

Muscoot Farm, Katonah

Muscoot Farm Farmers Market


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2022 Life Hacks 

August 19, 2022

Last week my sister called me an overachiever, because I made a rhubarb pie that morning. It’s so funny because it required little effort on my part and was in the oven in about 15 minutes. Later, I realized that so much of what I do is built on hacks. These hacks simplify my life and set it up, so things get done simply and therefore easily. I’m always looking for the shortest ...

Introducing Jack Schrepel for US Congress 17

August 19, 2022

To the Editor, 

In a state that has a political system too often dominated by big money candidates, slick political advertising, and empty political promises, less known Republican candidate Jack Schrepel clearly emerges as the best person to represent the lower Hudson Valley in the US Congress.

He is the only candidate who will hold the Biden administration accountable and undo the ...

Summer Foods

We all have favorite summer foods, beverages or treats that we look forward to indulging in during the summer season. Local produce from farm stands, grocery stores or your own vegetable garden are at their peak of freshness at this much anticipated, but too short, time of year. 

I asked my adult writing class participants to think about the favorite summer foods they look forward to all ...

Clear Cut

For decades, when compared to Katonah and Bedford Village, Bedford Hills has felt like the neglected stepchild when it comes to love from the town. The recent clear-cutting of two dozen trees in the central business district is another indignity the hamlet has had to suffer from town officials. The denuding of these mature trees has a jaw-dropping impact on the look of the hamlet – drawing ...

The Rhythm of the Night

Some might say that anyone who remembers the word “discotheque” is probably too old to be at one. Even if you went to all the trouble to find one. But I don’t mind, sometimes it’s fun to go back and remember what it was like to survive the ‘80s. 

I like to stand back and people-watch at the disco. To me, people are the most entertaining things to watch, ...

Talking With Timothy Busfield

Followers of a particular actor they haven’t seen in a while are given to wondering, “What ever happened to [fill in the blank]?”

For those who fondly remember Timothy Busfield from such popular TV shows as “thirtysomething”  and “The West Wing” – not to mention his turn as Kevin Costner’s skeptical brother-in-law in cult classic ...

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

As someone who grew up during the introduction of electronic banking, text messaging, and social media, I live in the cross-roads of storing records “the old-fashioned way” (in cabinets and closets in my home) and storing records “on the cloud” (whatever that means!).

Regardless of the preferred record-keeping mode, most people have some sort of digital footprint, ...

Northwell Appoints Chief of Colon and Rectal Surgery for Westchester

August 11, 2022

MOUNT KISCO, NY – Northwell Health today announced the appointment of Parul J. Shukla, MD, as regional chief of colon and rectal surgery for Westchester County, serving Phelps and Northern Westchester hospitals, as well as the Northwell Health Physician Partners medical practice in Chappaqua Crossing. This new position will be responsible for building a robust colorectal surgery program for ...

TAPinto Rahway Publisher David Brighouse Gives Back to the Community

RAHWAY, NJ — David Brighouse gives back to a place that has given so much to him.

"I feel like we have an obligation to give back," Brighouse said. "I owe something to the community."

He was born in Rahway — at Rahway Hospital, when babies were born there — and raised there too. Brighouse was a student in the Rahway Public School system, the same ...