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Sat, April 01
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Town Hall Campus , North Salem

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Sun, April 02
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Croton Falls Firehouse , Croton Falls

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Tue, April 04
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North Salem

HPC Regular Meeting - CANCELED

Why we do what we do

April 1, 2023

Our publisher once jokingly remarked that nobody gets rich working in the world of local journalism. 

Since I am not writing this from the comfort of my beach house, I tend to agree. I might not be watching the sunset over a white sand beach, but I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, and plenty of bacon treats for my dog. Honestly, wanting more than that seems greedy.

Some ...

The Republican Party is a big tent party

March 30, 2023

Dear Editor:

In Town Board member Katherine Daniels’ letter (“My past accomplishments and future priorities,” March 16, Page 7), in which she announced her candidacy for re-election, she stated, “Since Republicans already have a majority on the board, we don’t need a fourth.” 

Based on that analysis of relegating Republicans to mere 3/2 majority ...

The short play's the thing

Say, for argument’s sake, you’re at one of those cocktail parties where the servers amble about the crowd with offerings of small bites to whet your appetite. 

Eat enough of ‘em and it’s almost like a full meal. That’s one way to think of one-act plays staged sequentially – they are the passed hors d’oeuvres of theater. 

If there are seven ...