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What have they done to my city?

Dear readers: Appearing on September 13, 2012, this column was my very first for The Somers Record. Because it captures the horror and deep personal feelings of this never-to-be-forgotten event, I have rerun it each year since in memory of our fallen heroes, family and friends who perished that day and who are still sacrificing their lives years later from 9/11 related illnesses.

Why did the chicken X the road?

This is the kind of thing that runs through my mind on a daily basis, and FYI, I am not proud of it: I was thinking the other day that somewhere in a glass office in the Googleplex, there’s a guy in the Self-Driving Car Division who heads a department that oversees the development of an algorithm that determines what the largest animal is that their car can decide to run ...

They won’t get away with it

My grandson and his wife recently bought a house in the New Jersey town where he grew up. Having lived in New York City as renters, moving to the suburbs and being responsible for property and all that goes with it, is pretty daunting.  
They’ve been in since May, but even before then, due to one terrible storm, they unfortunately lost a beautiful tree that had to be replaced.

I Never Met a Musical Like Meta-Musical ‘Urinetown’

On the face of it, the conceit behind award-winning stage musical “Urinetown” seems absurd: Citizens are required to pay for the privilege of relieving themselves at public urinals.

To baby boomers, charging people to use public restrooms is neither absurd nor unthinkable. True, there were no coin-operated urinals when we were young, but there were stalls that required a dime to be ...

Do or Diet

Most people I know gain weight over the winter. Just like polar bears, they eat for warmth and hide their weight under a layer of fur or, in this case, velour tracksuits. But I’m different (so what else is new?). I tend to gain all my weight during the summer when we travel, and go to lots of barbecues and picnics, and drink ginormous, high-calorie slushy drinks to cool off.

By the time ...

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