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Dances With Wolves

October 3, 2022

I recently read a book detailing the exploits of former president and all around tough guy Theodore Roosevelt as he explored an uncharted area of the Amazon in 1913. The Rough Rider and his men braved the elements, disease, and the ever-present threat of hostile natives, all in the name of exploration.

This past summer, I once didn’t go to get the mail because it was too hot out. What ...

Seawayers and neigh-sayers

My friends Margaret and Gene have a great Airbnb in Ocean City, Md., and it’s a great place for a long weekend in the off-season, too. Any place fun that I don’t have to get into a plane to get to is my kind of place. Your bicycle and your dog are allowed on the boardwalk this time of year, and it’s still warm enough down there for a beach day.

We bicycled over the bridge to ...

Theater preview: 'That's (Not) All She Wrote'

(As part of this column’s interest in acknowledging the work of those among us who write, direct, produce, act in, and work behind the scenes of local theater, I’m handing this week’s space over to Westchester Collaborative Theater in Ossining so they can tell you about their special production that will take the stage for one weekend only – Saturday, Oct. 1, and Sunday, ...

Cooking class to help reduce risk of gynecological cancers at Northern Westchester Hospital’s Center for Healthy Living

September 28, 2022

MOUNT KISCO, NY – Northern Westchester Hospital’s (NWH) Center for Healthy Living will feature a women’s health online cooking class focused on reducing your risk of cancer, specifically gynecologic cancers like cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar cancers. Gizelka David-West, MD, a gynecologic oncologist for the Cancer Institute at Northern Westchester Hospital, will ...

Merely Creating an LLC Doesn’t Automatically Give you Personal Protection

The objective in creating a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) under Article 2 of New York’s Limited Liability Company Law (“NYLLCL”) is to protect the member(s) of an LLC from the contractual obligations and liabilities incurred by the LLC.

This limited liability protects the members from being personally liable for these liabilities. The members would only be ...