Isidro Emil Gomez-McPherson is a proud graduate of Bloomfield High School's class of 2020. Born in San Francisco, California, he and family moved to his father's hometown of Bloomfield when he was 5.  He began attending Olive Tree Pre-School and then attended Berkeley and Fairview Elementary Schools, BMS, and then Bloomfield High. He is from a long line of BHS grads: his grandmother (Joan McPherson (Abernathy), his uncle (Malcolm Abernathy), father and aunt (Kenneth '89 and Deanna McPherson '92), his sister (Amaya Gomez-McPherson '14) and his younger brother (Ellis Gomez-McPherson '23) currently attends.

Isidro is very active in sports beginning with soccer when he was in Pre-K, he soon developed a love for T-Ball and baseball with Coach Juan and then trying out fencing and karate then fell in love with basketball where he played on all of schools teams and then in high school discovered his passion for track and field (thank you, Coach Newman). But he is also a bit of a Renaissance man, he plays the drum kit, (thank you, Mr. Hector), has a bit of an artists' eye, and even sang in the BMS Choir for (at his mother's dismay) only 2 years.

After going on a Historically Black College and University tour last fall - he fell in love with Morgan State University in Baltimore University and was accepted in early admission in November. He will peruse a BA in Business Administration.

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For a young person, Isidro holds the relationships he has very close to him friends he has had since Pre-K (Kole and Obed...elementary...Nas, Aquan, and Dante and high school Breyonna) will still be important to him as he goes on his new journey.  When Isidro was 5 he participated in a Pre-K summer Program at BHS, where he was observed by a student.  In her assessment she shares that, "....he will grow up to be a wonderful young man." I agree...and not only because I am his mother.  I would like to thank all the teachers, coaches, and friends that have given Isidro guidance, encouragement, and love - we have appreciated it and have never taken it for granted. 

You are loved Isidro and I know that you will receive everything in the world that you give to it. Though this year did not turn out as we expected - it does not erase your (and your classmates) hard work and dedication. In fact, it enhances it, that you all were able to keep your head up in this upside down time.  Your sensitivity and motivation inspires me.