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Natalie Heard Hackett was born and raised in Montclair.  She moved to South Orange in her late teens and has maintained her Montclair roots throughout her journey in surrounding communities.  She has since come to realization that her lifelong connections and rich childhood memories will always draw her back to Montclair.

Natalie’s family has lived in Montclair for approximately 100 years and continues to be a vibrant part of the Montclair community.  Although no one in the family seems to remember the exact date that the Hamilton family moved into Montclair, Natalie’s grandfather, John Hamilton, Sr. was born in 1918 at Mountainside Hospital and her great-grandfather, Clarence Hamilton owned one of the first Livery businesses in town.

Natalie is the daughter of NY Times best-selling author, Nathan C. Heard (of Howard Street) and retired bank Vice-President JoAnne Eason-Dandridge (nee Hamilton).  She has been an educator for almost two decades.  Much like her father, Natalie has always had a love of writing and is excited to be able to fulfill that love through her ownership of TAP into Montclair. 

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