Montville: About Us

TAP into Montville is independently owned and operated by Hope White, a resident of Montville and graduate of The University of Richmond.  Prior to starting TAP into Montville, Hope worked for 20 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Since leaving her public accounting career, Hope has remained active in her community by volunteering her time in a variety of local and national organizations and has been an active volunteer in the Montville public schools. is an all-online independent local newspaper covering more than 100 towns in New Jersey and New York. It was founded by New Providence, New Jersey residents Michael and Lauryn Shapiro.  Over 6,000,000 absolute unique users have read during the past year.

The site features town-specific local news and columnists as well as an event calendar, business directory, real estate listings, classifieds, and press releases.

TAP into Montville covers the towns of Montville, Towaco and Pine Brook and provides local news that is immediate, up-to-the-minute and objective. It can be read anywhere, anytime, wherever internet is accessible.

We offer a variety of ad sizes and options, and very reasonable ad rates that have been developed in consultation with business and community leaders. For more information, please email or call (610) 659-1898.

We are committed to all things local.  Shop Local.  Read Local.

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