South Brunswick-Cranbury: About Us

TAP Into South Brunswick and Cranbury is owned by Charcole Media LLC., and operated by Town Editors Charles W. Kim and Nicole M. Wells. 

Charcole Media LLC is a new media organization run by professional journalists to help bring the industry into the 21st century through new ventures and training. 

Its goal is to establish and sustain the viability of newsgathering and distribution, especially at the local level, and to keep citizens informed and aware of the current events that impact their daily lives. 

The company accomplishes this goal through the training of future journalists in real-world situations so they can cover communities more effectively and professionally. 

It is also launching new online initiatives to fill the voids left by the demise of print publications. 

Charles W. Kim is an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years experience in media, including print and broadcast. 

Known for his keen news sense, contagious enthusiasm and unwavering integrity, Charles’ years of accumulated knowledge enable him to continue to reach new heights in the field. 

As a managing editor, he has trained journalists who have gone on to win state awards and become editors themselves. 

A strong advocate of the role of the fourth estate in a true democracy, he believes it is important for people to be aware of what is going on around them. 

As a founder of a “new age” news site, Charles understands the changing journalism industry and is open to using technology to take it in a new, vibrant direction. 

During his career, Charles has worked for a number of media outlets in the tri-state area as both a reporter and editor, winning several awards. 

Nicole M. Wells is an accomplished journalist who has used her talents as a freelance writer to cover a wide-ranging array of stories for several Packet Media Group publications during the last several years. 

The Cranbury beat has been her main focus, where she has distinguished herself among readers, as well as those she covers. 

A rising industry star, Nicole’s use of language makes her a “must read” every week, and her versatility in both news and magazine writing is apparent with each new article. 

Nicole studied journalism at Rutgers University and has interned for The Bulletin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and at publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc. in Hoboken. She worked previously as a copy desk intern for the Packet Media Group in Princeton before she started reporting and editing. 

Together, this duo brings talent, integrity and enthusiasm to every story and photo to keep the communities informed. 

They are also committed to training the next wave of journalists for a new era in the profession.

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