BRIDGEWATER, NJ - They may not be able to welcome people to the property this year, but this Halloween, the 13 Skeletons are still coming out to play.

Bridgewater resident Jim Adams and his family are preparing for their annual Halloween spectacular on his property on Route 202/206, and the Somerset Mask Squad has decided to ensure the family stays safe.

At the end of September, Somerset Mask Squad ambassadors surprised the Adams family with special skeleton masks, created by member Ginny Alpizar.

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“It was such a surprise,” Adams said. “They had a perfect pattern, with a skeleton with a top hat, and it was based off the theme from last year, with ‘Circus of the Night.’”

“It was so great of them, and we are so appreciative,” he added.

Adams said it was a complete surprise to his family when the ambassadors brought over the masks.

“We were very surprised,” he said.

Although the Adams family can’t have people on their property to enjoy the 13 Skeletons this year because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean they don’t have big plans for moving forward.

“This year is going to be really good, I think it’s going to be the best year I’ve ever done,” Adams said.

The exhibit, which has been created every year since 2006, features 13 skeletons that periodically move to different positions, around a different theme every year.

Adams said this year is going to be a Rube Goldberg machine, with clues on the Facebook page having to do with machines.

“It’s going to be Halloween meets Rube Goldberg meets 13 Skeletons,” he said.

A Rube Goldberg machine, named after American cartoonist Rube Goldberg, is a machine that is designed to perform a simple task in a very complicated way.

So far at the property, Adams said, there is an old wagon and a snake oil salesman, who is coming to see the idea of the Halloween machine.

“He will guarantee a trick, a treat or even a scare,” he said.

On the wagon, Adams said, is the professor, the great James O’Lantern, who is the purveyor of the impossible, and the inventor of miracle machines of magic and mystery.

“Each day, we will add another piece to the contraption,” he said.

Once the machine is ready and starts running, Adams said, it will refill the candy bowl out front, provide a couple scares, send a witch flying across the front lawn and more.

“It’s typical of the old mousetrap game,” he said. “It’s going to be fun and very visual.”

Adams said he is not going to announce when the machine will be first set off because he doesn’t want to attract a large crowd at any one time due to the pandemic. But people will be able to see it moving from the road, and he will post a video on Facebook of the machine in full effect.

“This will be a larger scale Rube Goldberg machine,” he said.

Follow 13 Skeletons on Facebook at for more clues about the finished exhibit.