UNION, NJ – A Union Edition of Family Feud on Facebook live will be hosted by the township on Wednesday, April 22, at 3:00 p.m.  To participate, tune into @TwpUnionNJ on Facebook before 3:00. 

Rules of the game are:

  • To participate, families should comment on the live stream before the game begins with “Hi, the LAST NAME family is ready to play”.  This will help the organizers keep score. Anyone can watch the live stream and chime in, but only those who sign-up before the start of the game will be eligible for the leaderboard and prizes. Each family plays together as one contestant, using one Facebook profile to submit their answer to each question.
  • The game consists of seven “Family Feud” style questions. Each question has numerous answers and each answer has a point total based on the popularity of the answer to the question.
  • After the host reads the question, participants will have about thirty seconds to comment with their best answer. Just ONE answer per question, per family. If a team submits multiple answers, only the first one will count.
  •  The host will then reveal the answers and determine points based on where a team’s answer was on the board. Answers that did not make the board will not earn points. Spelling doesn’t count.  The judges will count answers that are “close” but may be worded differently.
  • The final question will be worth double points.
  • Scores for each family will be tallied.   A video will be posted with the final leaderboard and prize winners. Prize winners will be contacted through Facebook messenger to make arrangements to receive their prize.