METROPARK, NJ - Rule #193 in Jon Bramnick's Book "Why People Don't Like You", says you shouldn't eat pungent food when sitting near someone.  Good advice for a train ride crowded with hundreds of business people and politicians as they participated in the Walk to Washington trip to DC this past week, sponsored by the NJ Chamber of Commerce. 

Opting out of sardines or tuna for lunch is only one of the 205 likeability tips included int the quick, humorous and entertaining read.  Bramnick's book was included in the goody bags that were waiting on the seats for train riders as they arrived to their assigned cars.  

Other handy tips for the train ride were:

  • Rule #121 Don't smack people with your bag or briefcase while finding your seat;
  • Rule #137 - Keep your feet off the seats and a good one for people heading to the gym before the big dinner,
  • Rule #199 - Don't slurp your coffee and
  • Rule #26 - Wrap yourself in a towel when talking to someone in the locker room (if you are squeezing in a trip to the hotel gym prior to dinner). That rule never goes out of style!

Other treats in the goody bag included a toothbrush/floss/toothpaste case donated by Delta Dental; post it notes by Peapack-Gladstone Bank; a cell phone charging cord from Archer Public Affairs; snack bag clips from Phillips 66 and local honey from Middlesex County.