NUTLEY, NJ - Traditionally, the Easter Bunny visits children in Nutley at their homes, this year, because of all the upheaval in the world, scores of families visited the Bunny at a special location in the township. 

By special arrangement with the Nutley Department of Parks and Recreation, the Easter Bunny set-up a drive-by event at Parks and Rec. Knowing the kids could not get up close and personal this year, EB had township crews set up a drive-thru line. 

The premise was simple, pull into the Parks and Rec. lot, drive past the bunny who was waiting to greet everyone, and motor through the park, and come out on the other side and head home to more Cadbuy eggs! 

Everyone on the scene was having so much fun waving to the kids, and dogs, that we all lost count of the number of cars that came through, but does that matter? Everyone there had fun!