EDISON, NJ — Over 100 people in more than 30 cars flocked to the Pines to watch “The Incredibles” and share in a night of music laughter and overall good time. This free event was hosted by the Edison Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Pines Manor, this past Tuesday night, which proved to be a huge success. 

“What an incredible night,” said Joe Coyle, President of the Edison Chamber of Commerce. “During these challenging times, it was extremely rewarding to be able to provide a safe, socially conscious family venue for parents and their children to get out of the house to enjoy a great movie and a lot of laughs.”

“It was fun to see all the families gather here at the Pines to watch the movie,” said Joe Amore of the Pines Manor. “To see the kids sitting on their parent's cars and laughing was really cool. I am so glad that myself and my staff here at the Pines could be a part of this event. “     

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“This was a really fun night,” said Edison resident Thomas McCann. “As a resident, these are the kinds of things you want your Town doing. Given the success of tonight, I look forward to the Township, providing more of these types of community and family events.

The Edison Chamber is looking to do another Drive-In movie and is already underway with the planning and preparations.