A congenial group gathered before the screening of two films to socialize, and partake in some beverages and light snacks.

Following this, two films were screened. The first, named The Passage, is a story about brothers, fathers and sons, and the wild places that define us. Filmed along the Inland Passage that runs from Seattle to Alaska, the scenery is spectacular. The story touches upon the two brothers, their relationship and desires to explore the rivers in self built canoes, their relationships and feeling toward their sons, theirs toward each other and their families, and finally toward a newborn child.

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This was followed by Brave Girls. The film was about the complexities faced by three young women growing up in one of the oldest towns in India and wanting to change their destinies under the caste system there. Normally they would receive no formal education past the fourth grade, however in this town there is a special school for “girls” to teach them enough to pass the tests for eighth grade. The three are enrolled, however as they approach the age of 18 marriage engagements have been arranged for each. This is the time when they become separated in how they handle the situation.

One follows the traditional path and marries the man selected for her by her mother and continues a similar life to that she’s known. The second rejects the young man she has been promised as his bride, and then marries a second selected for her, and continues the life she has lived.

The third not only rejects the arranged marriage but runs off and marries the boy she truly loves. However, this leads to them being totally ostracized by their family as well as the entire town.  We heard of her struggles, and finally after three years she reconciles with her mother and with her friends. She then applies and returns to school to study and pass the exam for the twelfth grade, hoping this will afford her better work opportunities and lead to a better, more secure life.

Following this screening the Producer, Deborah Marion-Wallace was present for a Q&A session.

The Film festival continues Saturday evening and all day Sunday.