SPARTA, NJ -  The art department at Sparta High School created a virtual Art Awards ceremony. Typically, these awards would be announced at the annual Art Gala on opening night of the art show, held in the school’s media center and throughout the building for the past several years.

“I am beyond sad that this year's Art Gala isn't in person,” Photography teacher Christy Graham said. “I'm even sadder that I couldn't see my students, especially my seniors one more time to tell them in person how PROUD I am of them. However, going over the final virtual Gala, I see it as a sign of hope! Seeing all these beautiful artworks makes me happy and I know it will bring joy to its viewers.”

Each art subject was represented and each teacher awarded two of their outstanding students in four categories; Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Growth, Outstanding Creativity and Outstanding Risk Taking.

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Spencer Davis’ outstanding students:

Outstanding Performance- Luca Budofsky and Rachel Young,

Outstanding Growth – Rachel Rodriguez and Tiffany Rabbit,

Outstanding Creativity – Cole DeFilippis and Sarah Escobar,

Outstanding Risk Taking – Lianna LeValley and Jessica Berghoffer



Christy Graham’s outstanding students:

Outstanding Performance – Paige Mongon and Elizabeth Botta,

Outstanding Growth – Kanita Tariq and Alexix Titus,

Outstanding Creativity – Arthur Hamer and William Kristiansen,

Outstanding Risk Taking – Allison Battoni and Elizabeth Holden



Jennifer Kucher-Csaltos’ outstanding students:

Outstanding Performance – Nancy Nester and Taige Kellenberger,

Outstanding Growth – Amanda Sansone and Kevin Dau,

Outstanding Creativity – Rachel Sosik and Emily Condit,

Outstanding Risk Taking – Riley D’Alessandro and Arianna Garcia



Kristin Lindsley’s outstanding students:

Outstanding Performance – Paige Mongon and Tristan Jennigs,

Outstanding Growth – Carolyn Peterson and Jenna Eltorky,

Outstanding Creativity – Isabella Sprotelli and Matt Patino,

Outstanding Risk Taking – Sam Lopen and Luis Torres,



Christine O’Brien-Mase’s outstanding students:

Outstanding Performance – Ande Wittenmeier and Julia McEllen,

Outstanding Growth – Jessica Fenners and Josh Gorman,

Outstanding Creativity – Sam Lopen and Chloe Clancy,

Outstanding Risk Taking – Avery Klinck and Veronika Waltner



Sparta High School was represented at the Fresh Perspectives: Morris Museum 2020 juried art show by three students. 

Senior Riley D’alessandro had his AP Studio wax and plaster sculpture “Capturing Flow” exhibited. 

Senior William Kristiansen’s  Advanced Photography image “Save Them on BEEhalf of the World” was selected for the show. 

Junior Julia McEllen’s Advanced Drawing and Painting scratchboard and tin case “The 2 am Smiling Man” was shown.



Teen Arts Awards and the Art Show will be featured in upcoming articles.

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