KENILWORTH, NJ- As the current situation of staying home remains and school continues operating with virtual learning, John Ondrey, Director of Bands at Harding Elementary School and Kenilworth resident, has found a creative way to keep the community connected. Every Monday at 5:00 p.m. he has asked that all music students at Harding School and by extension the entire town, come out onto the front porch or lawn and play a musical instrument. “They can play whatever they would like, and if they are within shouting distance of a friend they could play duets or trios. But the main idea is that something that was a normal part of their regular schedule continues.”

The idea to have the students come out and play was given to Ondrey by two band parents. He stated “The idea is that at one given time, all the musicians in town play. We are physically separated, yet together in this endeavor.”  Ondrey articulated “As a musician, I am very aware that I am a link in the chain reaching back into the past and forward into the future. I try to impress that on my students as well. Whether it is knowing the history of a particular piece or knowing that hundreds of other schools across our country are playing the same piece of music, music makes you part of something larger.”

The first concert took place on March 30, 2020, and Ondrey plans to continue running every Monday at 5:00 p.m. until further notice.

If you would like to showcase your child playing music please record a video and upload it to the town's virtual talent show website. For more information about the virtual talent show, see the following link