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Digital Marketing: Are Press Release Still Important?


9 Reasons Why Press Releases Are important for Digital Marketing in 2019

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Press releases have changed a lot over the years; not only are they a public relations tool, but they are also an essential content marketing component and media relations tool for both online and offline marketing in 2019.

Get the power of the news media SEO – Backlinks

Effectively using press release distribution services and their media outlets will boost the power and reach of the business owners digital marketing strategies without breaking the bank or hurting the bottom-line.  Media Coverage of your small business news story is a must and a good press release is a very cost-effective way to get press release services like EIN or PR Newswire to carry your online press release.  If done right the results will be that each online news website or media company carrying your story will provide a link from their website to yours.  


This link is called a backlink and it is a powerful sign that tells the search engines that your public relations information or brand image is relevant and it can help affect your websites ranking on the search engines like Google or Bing.   This little nugget of information that you have produced can be seen around the world without hammering the bottom line of the company.


Expand the reach of the press release or content marketing piece


Press releases have become more important as a marketing tool.  Your news article or news releases become much more powerful when picked up and distributed by the news media. The news media links to your press release help expand the reach of your content marketing pieces, news stories or public relations pieces.  The goal is to have your public relations stories picked up and served to searchers looking on the first page of the SERP (search engine results page).


Why press release in 2019:


Announcing the release of a new product, new service or plans for a product launch or upgrade is easy and cost-effective.   Write a good press release and get it distributed online, letting the masses know about your new business or service.


If you want to announce a new product or service, you can draft a press release and immediately get your news found on all major search engines and social media networks by using a press release distribution service. This also enables you to target thousands of journalists.

Press Releases are Branding Opportunity

Your Brand Image can be affected. Since publishing is so easy just write up your news story and then distribute it as a press release.  Sending out press releases is easy and a sure fire way to get attention. The more good press releases you have on the internet can effectively improve and increase your brand’s image.


Everyone loves a good picture, image or video


Add an image or video to your press releases.  Research has shown that a good image or video has a much better chance of being clicked than items or content marketing stories with no images.  Use multimedia to enhance the news story and tell your story while allowing search engine optimization to get that information in front of more and more people.  


With the push of a button, you can have your public relations piece seen across the globe.  Many of the press release distribution services allow for instant gratification. No more relying on content marketing strategies that require journalists to read your piece and then hope that they call you or followup.


Press Release distribution services and new wires can get your content seen by millions, and the search engines


Press release distribution services can distribute your information to millions of people around the world instantly,  Your press release story should also be released via email and available social media channels.

Make the search engines read your public relations materials. Adding internal links to pages on your website in the press release will direct readers and the search engines to learn more about what your company does or its services offered.


Push your press release out onto your Social Media

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

So many people see these sites you must use them.  Online press releases can be written to accommodate a social media perspective.  You can copy and paste your press release from a news media website and place it directly into your social media posts.  Your story just looks better and has more authority when the media outlets carry it. Everyone that shares your public relations pieces over the various social media networks, helps your content marketing strategy to prevail.  


Content marketing meets the press releases


Your content marketing pieces are just press releases.  You only need to write them as such so that your target audience can read your press releases anywhere at any time via laptop, desktop or smartphones.


Search engine optimization.  Adding internal and external links to your press release, along with targeted keywords helps to optimize the press release which tells the search engines that your information is relevant and important.  

Here is a list of press release providers and newswires that we have successfully used:

Press Release Provider low-cost distributor uses multiple newswire sources. Our low cost localized press releases.  Special packages are available.

Ein NewsWire gets your releases or editorial content get picked up by Google NewsBing NewsEIN Newsdesk, EIN Presswire partner sites, and WordPress publishers.

Cision PRWeb’s industry-leading distribution network shares your story to targeted media websites, industry publications, blogs, social networks, and search engines.


Wire Services generally provide great backlinks


There are many more newswire services and press release distribution services.  Any reputable wire services or press release distribution service should provide you with a listing of all the locations and websites where your press release can be found.  You should be able to have a listing with live links of all

locations carrying your post. There are other considerations like will you receive a do follow or no follow backlink to your website or blog.  Backlinks are known to be a Google Ranking Signal for displaying websites on the SERP.

Here is the recap of the 9 reasons:

  • Get the power of the news media SEO – Backlinks
  • Greater reach of the press release or content marketing piece
  • Target news website with high ranking value to be seen more
  • Press Releases are Branding Opportunity
  • Everyone loves a good picture, image or video
  • Have your Press Release, marketing piece, blog or other content picked up by the news media and the search engines
  • Press Release distribution services and new wires can get your content seen by millions, and the search engines
  • Content marketing meets the press releases
  • Wire Services generally provide great backlinks


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See this article as it was originally published on November 16, 2018, and was updated on 6-18-2019.

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