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GLEN ROCK, NJ - The demands of everyday life are inevitable – deadlines, scooping up the kids from school, planning dinner – and not to mention, all this while inching out of a bad winter that is just now subsiding. In assuming the role of the energizer bunny, we forget to take care of ourselves until we unwittingly become depleted, stressed, and headed towards burnout. Despite our hectic schedules, we forget our self-care is a priority too, so squeezing some “me time” into our routine is not only beneficial in meeting our personal satisfaction, it’s essential for optimal functioning. And what better way to get away and indulge in a little self-care than with a 30-minute massage?

Fairly new in Glen Rock, opening 17 months ago, is Perfectly Kneaded Massage, a serene, candlelit three-room suite located above Tani on Rock Road where they share the space with Healing & Guidance by Jackie. The business is dedicated to creating a customized approach to meet clients’ needs “and ultimately feeling the best when walking out,” says Ellen Levine, licensed massage therapist. 

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For the 9-5 office workers, the laborers who have chronic aches and pains or the athlete suffering a mild sprain seeking to improve his or her performance, massage therapists consult with each client to discuss their ideal massage, whether full-body or focusing on a particular area of pain or discomfort. 

“We really do try to match the service with the client,” says Levine. “If someone is coming in with a frozen shoulder [and in need of] a 50-minute massage straight to the shoulder, they’re getting that relief right away to make sure they’re moving their arm [to regain] range of motion and flexibility.”

Depending on the clients’ need, he or she can get anywhere from a 30-minute to a two-hour massage and select the amount of pressure they’re comfortable with. If clients choose to undress, they can nestle under a blanket and sheet.

“We give them guidelines of how they should be lying on the table,” Levine explains. “After going through everything, we either want them to lie face up or face down undressed to [their] comfort level. We work around clients as much as possible. Our number one priority is their comfort.”

Besides full-body massages, therapists at Perfectly Kneaded Massage provide reflexology massages, during which massage therapists target “reflex points” like the hands, feet and head to relieve tension that in turn reverberates throughout the rest of the body. For migraine sufferers or people with frequent sinus headaches due to allergies, therapists offer a cold stone face massage that involves placing refrigerated marble stones tailored to the person’s face shape to achieve immediate relief from pain and inflammation.

For improved function of the immune and digestive systems, massage therapists use a technique called Rain Drop Therapy during which essential oils are applied to the body to aid in muscle and joint pain relief.

“You get the same benefits as massage without full, hands-on contact,” notes Levine.

Essential oils like oregano and peppermint also have healing properties that can help with nasal congestion and nausea, respectively.

Massage therapy for expectant and new mothers is a popular service to help women assuage any aches and pains they may get from pregnancy.

Besides relieving stubborn back pain, massages have a number of physiological benefits that promote a sound mind and body. According to Levine, these include regulating blood pressure and circulation, reducing insomnia and boosting endorphins.

“[Massages are a] wonderful treatment to receive not only when you have an isolated issue, but health and wellness in general,” says Levine.

So while you’re on the daily grind, don’t forget to keep your body a well-oiled machine. To schedule an appointment, go to perfectlykneaded.com.