BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Berkeley Heights Public School District is proud to announce that Anthony Amiano, Director of Building and Grounds, has been recognized for his dedication, expertise and leadership by the National School Plant Management Association (NSPMA) with the National School Plant Manager of the Year Award. This distinguished recognition comes after over 40 years of dedicated service to the district where Amiano has honed his skills and extensive knowledge of building systems. 

Amiano began his career in the BHPS over 40 years ago and has held every position in the Buildings Department during his tenure. Amiano joined the staff at BHPS in 1980 and has moved from the role of night custodian to head custodian, and maintenance worker to maintenance supervisor, before finally taking on his current role as Director of Building and Grounds, a position he has held since 1999. As a result of his long history with the district and familiarity with the building systems, Amiano leads his team from a position of authority and knowledge. All the buildings in the district are over 60 years old and continue to operate in top shape because of Amiano’s leadership and guidance. 

In his role, Amiano oversees a maintenance staff of four employees and a custodial staff of 30. He understands and operates his department under a strict budget and follows best practices to always do ‘more with less’. As one of his colleagues said, “He is always looking for better ways to do things and approaches every situation with a problem-solving attitude.” He also believes in, and is dedicated to, professional development for both himself and his staff and holds several noteworthy certifications including CEFM, management planner and fire inspector. 

According to Donna Felezzola, School Business Administrator for the District, “One of Anthony's greatest leadership skills is his ability to plan for the future and anticipate needs. He is a vital contributor to the district's long range capital plan and building referendum plans. Anthony also maintains the district inventory of maintenance equipment and is responsible for the replacement plan.” She added, “Another skill that Anthony has which helps make him successful in his position is his ability to develop positive relations with his colleagues, employees, district staff and vendors. These relationships have benefited the district in numerous ways.” 

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Melissa Varley added, “Under the best of circumstances, Anthony’s work is unparalleled and deserving of praise. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this past year has proven to be challenging for our school district. From the onset of the pandemic, Anthony's priority was to work closely with custodians to ensure that all the buildings remained clean and disinfected for the safety of our students and staff. Anthony coordinated all COVID supplies for the district, updated cleaning protocols to meet COVID requirements, performed an analysis of the HVAC system and any repairs or upgrades, and he completed an analysis/installation/repair of the existing rooftop fans. Anthony's efforts to maintain a safe school environment have been tireless and greatly appreciated by the district.” 

In addition to his professional work, Amiano is also dedicated to his professional organization. He has served as president of the central chapter of NJSBGA from 2007-2008. He was an officer on the executive board for 9 years, moving through the ranks before serving as president from 2011-2014.

Amiano is also a beloved and valuable member of the community. Since 1990, he has been a volunteer with the Berkeley Heights Fire Department where he has served in many positions including captain, fire official, vice president and company president. In 2010 Anthony received the President's Award for outstanding contributions, dedication, showing unselfish regard and devotion to the Department and an inspiration to others. He is also an active volunteer at Little Flower Church.

Amiano’s dedication, knowledge, expertise, leadership, and calm demeanor are unmatched and the Berkeley Heights Public School District is proud and pleased that he has been recognized as the 2019-2020 Educational Facilities Manager of the Year by the National School Plant Management Association (NSPMA). 

*The National School Plant Management  Association (NSPMA) was established through the Southern School Plant Management Association (SSPMA).  In the early 1990’s, interest and attendance grew from many  parts of the country for the annual Southern States Conference.  The SSPMA leaders determined the need to form a national alliance for school plant managers.  As a result, the NSPMA was formed in 1995 as a 501(3) C non-profit corporation with bylaws.  Through the last 25 years, the NSPMA has provided leadership, resources, and collaboration opportunities for school plant and facility managers in all 50 states.  The NSPMA Executive Board is committed to providing training and professional development in accordance with industry best practices for its stakeholders across the country. Furthermore, the NSPMA is a professional organization whose purpose is to be a source of information on emerging facility management issues and legislation, provide professional development, organizational benchmarking, and serve as a network for K-12 facility leaders across the country.