BARNEGAT, NJ - Mother Nature seemingly spoke yesterday with the heavy rainfall.  The unveiling of the Bengals' new field was postponed until today due to inclement weather.  And, there was no sign of even a bit of water on the new turf.

Representatives of all parts of the township community came together for the opening ceremony. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Latwis expressed both his gratitude and excitement that the Bengals would host their first home game of the season.  Board of Education President Michael Hickey shared in acknowledging members of the school district, past and present board representatives, police department and township officials. 

Athletic Director John Germano delivered remarks commending the district and the community for coming together for the sake of the students. He did not limit his accolades to the school's athletic programs.

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"My own children have received an amazing education here," stated Germano. "I know every person in town - from the police department that keeps us safe, to the fire department that's there for the cat in tree, and appreciate you all."

Germano shared a story that he said touched him relating to the field and not having anything to do with the sports aspect. He said he came back to his office one evening at 8:30 and came upon a scene that took him back for a moment.

"I saw seven kids sitting in a circle at the fifty-yard line," Germano said. "They weren't bothering anybody; they weren't doing anything; they were just sitting on the field and having a moment."

As far as Germano was concerned, he saw kids that were locked up from the coronavirus interacting together again.While some might think an athletic director might be solely focused on the game, Germano made it clear.  He and every other person at the opening turf had one thing in mind.  

The true winners will be Barnegat's youth as they conquer life's challenges. And, they have plenty of adults rooting for their success!