PLAINFIELD, NJ - A proposal was made at Tuesday’s BOE meeting by Michael Smith of the Omicron Chi chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity to bring health and wellness to 3rd through 6 grade children in Plainfield. The program entitled “Well Prepared Program” seeks to educate both children and parents about childhood obesity, an epidemic that has become a serious problem in the United States. Workshops designed for both parents and children will provide education and tools needed to develop a healthy lifestyle at an early age so that children will maintain a healthy weight and are adopt healthy behaviors early in life.  The proposal outlined details of the workshops to be conducted over a 6 week period and will include many topics including:

  • Importance of a healthy body weight and understanding BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Learning how to read and interpret nutrition labels,
  • Portion versus serving sizes
  • Meal planning and shopping tips
  • Family activities to promote healthy
  • Coping with stress and anxiety
  • Physical Activities

According to Mike Smith, they are hoping to attract up to 50 students in late fall. The weekly 2 hr  workshops for both parents and children will be held on Saturdays and will be held at Emerson School. Facilitators will include fraternity members with expertise in physical education, martial arts, coaches and teachers.

The Well Prepared Program is offered by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Services is a health science university of the U.S. federal government and the goal is to address obesity and weight management, which affects military readiness and future recruitment.

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The Omicron Chi Chapter has a offered several other youth programs throughout Plainfield and was recognized in February 2019 by the City Council for their excellence in serving the young people in the City.

More information about the fraternity can be found at: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity