EAST ORANGE, NJ - Supported by generous donations from The Social Conscience Project (SCP, LLC) and its partners, The Legacy Center at John L. Costley Middle School will be the first of its kind in the State of New Jersey. The Legacy Center will be one part laundry center for students as well as a “Give & Get” clothing exchange and store. Although housed inside John L. Costley Middle School, The Legacy Center is open to all of the Hart Educational Complex’s 1,100 students. A formal dedication of the center will take place on Friday, June 14, 2019 from 3pm-5pm at  Costley School located at 116 Hamilton Street in East Orange. 

How the Center Will Work:

Students and their families can bring in cans of food or other nonperishable items or full-sized toiletry items in exchange for items of clothing. Food donations will go directly to local charities while the toiletry items will be made available to any needy student in the complex to promote proper hygiene and combat low self-esteem. According to studies, many low-income families struggle to purchase food and provide basic personal care items simultaneously; therefore, The Legacy Center will assist families with these basic needs by creatively removing the barrier of cost in an effort to ensure that all students can focus on their academics.

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What is the Social Conscience Project?

The Social Conscience Project (SCP) is a unique non-profit organization with the mission to transform communities through targeted programs. It is the same organization that provided seed money for the laundry center at Westside High School in Newark, NJ. SCP Founder, Micheal Levine has generously donated several state-of-the art washer and dryers, countless bags of clothing, and clothing racks for displays. Connecting to other non-profit organizations, Mr. Levine secured over 200 “blessing” bags with personal care essentials and 100 cases of detergent to kick off this amazing initiative.

The Principal of John L Costley, Ms. Koree Toles, has worked closely with Mr. Levine and his team to develop the vision for the center. In her first year of Principalship, Ms. Toles is excited to have the center dedicated by Costleyʼs Class of 2019. “These students are special. They have much to offer the world and Iʼm excited their legacy will always be a part of JLC.” The Class of 2019 students spent countless hours painting the Center, organizing the clothing donations, and setting up the Center.

In support of this amazing opportunity, the East Orange School District, under the leadership of Dr. Kevin West and his administration, funded the plumbing and renovations for the center with the hope that the center will also serve to provide learning opportunities for students. In addition to learning how to wash their own clothes, students will also learn how to give back to one another. This powerful center can truly change how students see themselves and one another as well as transform how schools and communities work together to support the needs of students.