CLARK, NJ - Bryan Lowe, Valley Road School Fifth Grade Teacher and Union County Educator of the Year, and NJ State Teacher of the Year Finalist, was interviewed by Kean University about his recent honor.  The interview will be featured in Kean’s monthly newsletter. 

The film crew joined Mr. Lowe at Valley Road School to see what a typical day was like with his students. They had an opportunity to see strategies Lowe uses in the classroom such as incorporating music and problem solving skills. They saw his students collaborate to solve a riddle in an activity they practice daily. 

Lowe stated, “Educators should strive to not just try to inspire the children they teach, but be inspired by the children in their classroom.”

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Valley Road Principal Joe Beltramba was especially appreciative that Kean University was recognized Lowe for this honor and that they visited his classroom to see his teaching in action. 

“I got to know Mr. Lowe at a 7-day workshop in Colonial Williamsburg. We learned so much in those 7 days about history, but I learned a lot about Bryan Lowe," said Beltramba. "In fact, since we were roommates for the week, I spent 7 straight days with him for 24 hours a day.  He was the first to volunteer for anything when others were unsure, until he realized that he wanted to give others a chance to volunteer. He helped so many with his knowledge of technology. All week I heard “Bryan can you help me”. He helped set up social networks sitting with different people until he knew everyone. He gave encouragement to those that were more shy and lacked confidence. He gave me a lot of insight into learning that week.” 

Beltramba continued, “You find out a lot about a person when with them for 168 straight hours. And I was surprised that he and I still got along after 168 hours. So from that week I learned that he was a good teacher and very motivated.”