NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – The Board of Education (BOE) approved the ratification of the agreement with the New Providence Education Association of Teachers and Secretaries for the period of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021 at its Thursday, March 14 meeting. The Education Association of Teachers and Secretaries had approved the agreement earlier.

The agreement between the two parties was reached after months of negotiations. Since June faculty members, students and parents have made steady appearances at the BOE meetings, often directing their anger, frustration and sadness over the impasse towards the board and the district administration. Over the course of seven months the board heard multiple pleas from the community and staff members to reach an agreement.

“There is a lot of hard work to put into reaching an agreement with both the teachers and secretaries,” Board President Adam Smith said. He touted the work of the association negotiators who worked diligently to reach an agreement. He also thanked the board committee and the administration for their input in finding an agreeable settlement. I think everybody is quite satisfied with the resolution, he said.

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Smith noted that sometimes these things take longer than other times. “This was the first time this district had to go through this process. There are a lot of districts in this state that do this every three years, where they never get the agreement done on time. It goes to impasse, it goes to remediation, fact finding, super reconciliation – you name it,” he said. He noted that some of those districts are not far from New Providence.

We really appreciate that the agreement was reached, Smith said. “I am personally very thankful for all the hard work that went into this,” he added.