For the past six years, it has been my privilege to serve on Hackensack’s Board of Education.  The voters have twice given me a great honor and an even greater responsibility by electing me to look after their and their children’s interests and needs.  As such, I take my role as a member of the Hackensack Board of Education extremely seriously. I have a strong and demonstrable record of working well with others and building off common goals to achieve great things for our children.

As the mother of a daughter in the Hackensack middle school, I share your concerns about making sure our children get the best education possible.  After all, any academic achievements achieved by our children will be built upon the foundation they receive right here in our school district.

I am proud of the accomplishments this board has achieved over my tenure. Among them:

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·  Initiated a pilot-program for full day pre-K

·  Expanded coverage of curriculum oversight

·  Increased curriculum funding

·  Oversaw improved elementary test scores

·  Implemented a zero based budget philosophy to protect taxpayers

·  Brought to the attention of the Board “Jersey On”, a program that provided eligible freshman a device which provides them with free Internet access

·  Participated in successful HASA and HAOP contract negotiations

·  Served 4 years in Board Leadership, 3 years Vice President, 1 year President

·  Served on the Board that brought SROs and SLEO III Officers to the district

·  Served on the Board that Brought an Early Childhood Learning Center to the District

·  Served on the Board that brought back February Recess in response to parental concerns.

You will note that not included on the list of accomplishments is the passage of a referendum, which would have financed the renovations of aging school facilities, provided security improvements, and funded a new junior high school. We worked for several years constructing a program to address the needs of the families who are and will be attending our schools.  However, the people - as is their right, voted down this proposal.

Although the referendum failed, the specific items contained in the referendum are not going away.  It will be the responsibility of the Board of Education to get back to work to find alternative ways to move forward with the input and involvement of the community.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not someone who leaves a job unfinished.  So today, I am announcing that I will seek a third term as a member of the Hackensack Board of Education, and in the coming weeks, I will be talking with parents, neighbors, educators, and all other stake holders and listening to their needs and concerns. To our great community, I ask for your continued support and your vote as I continue to advocate for the best educational environment for our children, and give them the greatest opportunities to succeed. Thank you for your consideration.