Dear Editor:

During this time, education has been impacted by the coronavirus. Currently, I'm learning based on a system known as remote learning. The system is tedious, isolating, and hard to understand. I want to prove to you that keeping this as a permanent solution is only going to hurt the way that students learn.

Remote learning has been very beneficial given the current circumstances, but it has also had some issues. Because of these various issues, students aren’t able to learn reliably.

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The main platform school used is Google classroom. If it were to shut down, there would be nothing that teachers could do. Most teachers have switched to Google classroom. This is one of the biggest issues for teachers because there are too many things that could go wrong with an online classroom.

In remote learning, all you have to do is open a tab and search answers up on Google. There would be no way for a teacher to look at the work of students and realize it was copied off of a website.

I have a little brother who is in 4th grade at Sharon Elementary School. During this time of remote learning, my mom and dad are the ones who mainly teach him the things that he needs to know. His teachers just throw assignments up on a Google slide. There aren’t many zoom classes either. He would have learned incorrect concepts in math if he wasn’t able to ask my mom and dad for help.

This is proof that remote learning is not effective because kids need extra help that can’t be easily given, cheating occurs, and the learning platforms are susceptible to failure.

If you want students to learn the correct way, remote learning is not the way to go.