EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - In 2015 I decided to throw my hat in the political ring.  I wanted to run for office to see how I can help my neighbors as well as all residents of East Brunswick.  Over the past decade, I worked in various positions in the financial and insurance industry always focusing on helping my clients find solutions to their issues.  At the end of each day, I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment—that I had helped someone, and my reward was seeing the smile on their face.  It is that motivation that drives me in my current position as a Councilman and I strongly believe that this mindset helps me be an effective elected official. 

During the last four years, I have worked tirelessly to help all East Brunswick residents who contacted me, and I am seeking re-election to continue the work started in 2017 when I was sworn into office along with Mayor Brad Cohen and Council Members Michael Spadafino, Kevin McEvoy, and Sahron Sullivan.  I made it a priority to establish relationships with officials on the County, State and Federal levels of government for the benefit of our Township.  These relationships will hopefully provide assistance to those residents who have been impacted by the pandemic and economic tornado causing financial hardship to families everywhere.

The three main concerns of residents at the time were the financial security of the Township, the closing of businesses and the dilapidated condition of Route 18.  We are proud to report our progress in these areas.  Since assuming office, we have been able to keep the municipal tax increases to an average of less than 2 percent per year.  This feat has been accomplished while maintaining our excellent bond rating.  More than 300 businesses, both large and small, have chosen to open their doors in East Brunswick because this administration has made assisting businesses a priority.  The East Brunswick Chamber of Commerce has been reformed and this vital organization supports both new and established local businesses. Lastly, we re-established the East Brunswick Redevelopment Agency which has worked effectively to secure improvements and the redevelopment of the Route 18 corridor.  Councilman Spadafino and I have served as members of this Agency, along with resident members who have worked to spearhead the movement for a better tomorrow for East Brunswick.  Plans have been drafted and a redeveloper has been selected whose work has already begun around town in the areas including 100 Tices Lane and additional progress will be evident in the coming months.  

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As a current Councilman, I have a proven track record of tackling those issues of importance to our residents.  The focus of our campaign is the financial stability of our town.  Keeping an attentive eye on the Township budget to continue providing important services to our residents is a top priority.  In the past four years, the municipal tax increases have been minimal without loss of any services.  We have simultaneously maintained our excellent bond rating which insures low interest access to capital for our Township. 

Our goals for the next four years include continuing our commitment to the Township’s financial future and long-term property tax stabilization while maintaining our superior bond rating.  I am confident that my financial background helps me analyze the intricacies of our municipal budget.  One important aspect to accomplish this is maintaining the strong working relationship we have with the Board of Education.  We are all proud of our blue-ribbon schools, and we have implemented shared service agreements to help lower the financial burden to our residents.  The Council has been meeting with the school administration for the past six months, and we continue to review and will implement additional shared service agreements where savings will be realized. 

East Brunswick is blessed to have a diverse community and our Police Department is years ahead of neighboring towns through the community outreach programs they have developed.  The dedicated men and women of our Police Department have worked with Mayor Cohen and the rest of the Council to forge a strong relationship to protect and serve our community.  Another type of service to the community is the commitment demonstrated by our residents to serve on a Township Board or Commission.  These volunteer positions are very important to the fabric of our community and allow us to include ideas from all who give of their time for the benefit of others.

In closing, I am very proud of the work and actions taken over the last four years by Mayor Cohen, Councilman Spadafino and our colleagues and hope you agree that our efforts merit our re-election.  As Council President for the last two years, I have worked, along with the Council, to maintain a transparent and open form of government to help residents understand all the topics discussed at Council meetings.  I continue to be available to the residents and promise to honor that commitment if elected again in November.  I was told the following just after our election victory in November, 2016:  “remember, you are a public servant and you were elected by the people to serve the people.”  I have kept that in my heart and I see myself as a steward of the residents of East Brunswick who elected me.  I am thankful to the residents for allowing me to have served East Brunswick for the last four years and I look forward to doing the same for the next four years to help secure the future of East Brunswick for future generations.