HAWTHORNE, NJ - On Wednesday, Borough Clerk Lori Fernandez filed her certification for the candidates' petitions with the Passaic County Clerk's Office. 

The mayor's race will see no primary in either the Republican or Democratic parties.  Republican Council Vice President John Lane will be vacating his seat as councilman-at-large in his campaign to succeed Mayor Richard Goldberg and face the Democratic mayoral candidate, Councilman Joseph Wojtecki, in the general election.  However, the Republican councilmembers-at-large, incumbents Bruce Bennett, Dominic Mele, and candidate Anna Marie Sasso running to fill Lane's place, are facing three other GOP challengers.

Former Hawthorne Board of Education President Michael Doyle and Jay Shortway are Republicans running for council-at-large under the slogan of "The Change We Need!"  Philip Speulda is running for councilman-at-large under the slogan of "Hawthorne Republican Values."

Hawthorne's Republicans will have the choice of voting for three councilmembers-at-large during the June 8, 2021, primary election.

The Hawthorne Democrats will not face any primary contests.  Their slate for councilmembers-at-large consists of Ann Marie Peterson, Thomas Bushnauskas, and Hope Foley. 

Green Party candidate Craig Cayetano is currently running an independent campaign for councilman-at-large.