HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - Spurred by a grassroots campaign that involved hundreds of volunteers and thousands of work-hours, Democrat Olivia Holmes was propelled to victory on Nov. 6 in an area once widely considered to be unwinnable for Democrats, becoming the first Democrat on the Township Committee in 15 years.

She will be sworn to office at the township's Reorganization meeting in January.

“I am just so inspired by the thousands of wonderful conversations and warm receptions I received from residents all across our township,” Holmes said. “We’re made to think that we’re all so divided, but that simply isn’t the case. We all want to build a thriving community and local economy. We all want responsible, thoughtful investment of our tax dollars. We all want a transparent government that listens and responds to our needs with the best of intentions,” she added.

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Ron Yoder, Hillsborough Democratic Committee Chairman said, "Olivia campaigned hard for her seat on the Township Committee. She and her running-mate Jeff Wright knocked on over 4,000 doors during the campaign. They listened to voters and their concerns for the community, and ran strong on the issues. We are so proud of Olivia Holmes and Jeff Wright, and we are ecstatic to celebrate Olivia’s election to the Township Committee.”

Wright finished third in the voting; Republican Shawn Lipani was the top vote getter in the election. His running mate Ron Skobo finished fourth. The four candidates were separated by 214 votes.

“We are so much stronger working together than apart, and I want to thank every voter, volunteer, and my running mate, Jeff Wright, for helping make this election dream a reality. I see a very bright future for our community, and can’t wait to get to work with the rest of the Committee on building it,” Holmes said.

She is a 30-year resident of Hillsborough, successful small business owner, and lifelong political and civic activist and joins the Township Committee with an eye towards the future, and the energy of a caring, long-time resident who desires nothing more than the absolute best for her community.

If you would like to join Olivia in her work towards a brighter future for Hillsborough, information about the Hillsborough Democrats and Committeewoman-elect Holmes can be found on www.borodems.org or by searching “hillsboroughdems” on Facebook.  Inquiries may also be made at info@borodems.org or 908-505-5150.