HOLMDEL, NJ - The long and winding road ahead in the Holmdel Township Committee election continues as the already close election has become even closer. When the dust settles, the Township Committee will look different. This is already the case with the likely shift in the balance of power at the district 'county committee' level.

The top vote getter for the Township Committee remains DJ Luccarelli with 778 votes, the number two spot has now flipped by one single vote as Greg Buontempo is now leading Vicky Flynn with 668 votes to 667. 

Coming in last is newcomer Ronald Emma with 603 votes. On the Democrat ticket, Joseph Romano won with 505 votes. 

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What is generally emerging on the Republican side is a clear winner, a clear loser and a battle in the middle. Luccarelli appears a winner, Emma a loser. The second seat is currently up in the air and may remain so for a few weeks. It's either Buontempo or Flynn with a likely handful of votes between them in the end. If Holmdel history is any indication, a recount may not be far behind. 

Beyond the Township Committee election, the local district 'county committee' election also took place. These names are on the ballot for each specific district and their position is a political one for both Republicans and Democrats. They represent Holmdel locally and also in the county political organizations. There are 10 districts and some notable changes happened on the Republican side on Election Day. If the voting results and trends continue, control of the party is no longer in the same hands. Here are the ongoing unofficial (not yet final) results:

Holmdel has 10 legislative districts. District 1  winners are Delia Fagan and Wesley Fagan unopposed. District 2 winners are Valerie Marchiano and Joe Hernando unopposed. District 3 the winners are Serena DiMaso unopposed and Adam Khachaturian who defeated Serena DiMaso's husband Gerald DiMaso. District Four winners Art Frank and Tobi Frank. District 5 the winners are Francine Campis and Ron Emma who defeated Rocco and Danielle Impreveduto. District 6 winners are Mary Vassilakos  and Victor Lolli. District 7 winners are Christine Schmitt and Richard Guarnaccia. They defeated Carol Stillwell and Michael Nikolis. Nikolis was defeated last year for Township Committee. In District 8 the winners are Michael Felice and Melissa Berardino. In district 9 the winners are Joseph Bradley and Kimberly LaMountain. LaMountain defeated Greg Buontempo's wife, Ann Marie Buontempo. In District 10 the winners are Christopher McCann and Lea Waggoner. They ran unopposed. 

This district level election is held every two years and the presumed winners choose who gets to run for office 'on the line.' For one local influencer on the local county committee, Republican Assemblywoman DiMaso (District 3), who represents Middletown and Holmdel, the future is unclear. DiMaso backed the 'off line' candidates (Buontempo and Emma), which went directly against Monmouth County Republican Chairman Shaun Golden. She is slated for re-election next year in the New Jersey State Legislature if she seeks another term and will need Golden's support for re-election. Her support against Golden's candidates was also reported in a statewide political website.

Next steps in Holmdel's election process are the updates that happen on a near daily basis at approximately 6PM from the Monmouth County Clerk. You can follow the results yourself and see the exact tallies at the Monmouth County Votes website link HERE