Now that the results of the July 7th Primary election are in, we want to thank the nearly 1,500 voters who cast their ballots for us to be the Democratic nominees for Township Council! We're excited to move forward with our campaign and seek the support of all Berkeley Heights residents in November.

We are humbled by the record-breaking turnout in the Democratic Primary; for the first time ever, our local team received far more votes than the other candidates despite having a heavily contested Republican Primary to drive up turnout. This tells us that Berkeley Heights voters want leaders on all levels who have the Right Priorities, keeping Berkeley Heights government both fiscally and socially responsible. We look forward to showing that we are those leaders.  

We congratulate Jeanne Kingsley and Jeff Varnerin on their nomination, and urge them to join us in running a clean, factual campaign that focuses on the real needs of our residents. Berkeley Heights deserves nothing less. 

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Please visit our website, to learn more about us and our plans to make Berkeley Heights T.H.R.I.V.E. Contact us at to ask us questions or to get involved. 

Thank you for your support! 

Councilwoman Susan Poage 
Bret Sayre