GLEN ROCK, NJ - For Council Candidate Teresa Gilbreath, knocking every door in Glen Rock is both a time commitment and a commitment to listening. Teresa says, “Knocking every door is not about racing down a street and leaving information cards for residents. On average, it takes about one and a half hours to knock twenty-five to thirty doors. Knocking every door is about getting out and meeting as many residents as possible, but it is also about listening. Listening is critical.” 

Teresa explains exactly what listening means to her, “Listening is not just about ‘hearing.’ I recently read something that described the difference between listening for understanding and listening to reply. When I am out door knocking, I am listening for understanding. What does this person have to say? Why do they feel the way they do? What ideas and questions do they have? I have met so many fabulous people on this journey. Overwhelmingly, residents love our town, but they do have questions and comments. I certainly have my own thoughts about things we should be considering here in Glen Rock, but it is so very important to hear the voices of residents to be sure that we are moving forward together.” 

Teresa has been deeply impacted by all of the door knocking that she has done thus far. She shares, “Having knocked so many doors, when I drive through neighborhoods now, I think about the conversations that I have had, the people I have met, and how excited I am to continue to experience another street and hear from another resident. Get ready Glen Rock--here I come!”