In response to the article in the Letters to the Editor section written by Mr. Michael D. Johnson, I wanted to thank him for writing with his words the sentiment felt by people like myself who have had the honor to meet June Witty. From the first time I met her I felt her passion and commitment to the residents of Montville. It was my first time volunteering in my new County and was impressed by not only the stamina of Mrs. Witty but her numerous associations with programs in our Community. No doubt that as a friend of Mrs. Witty, there would be no lack of opportunity to serve in my Community. Montville is a wonderful Town with many wonderful residents determined to keep our values and hometown feel intact. No one works as hard as Mrs. Witty to ensure that our town remains full of activities and wonders for her residents. During this time in our lives it is more important than ever that we vote our values and protect the things that are most important. Home is where the heart is and June Witty will work hard in helping that our Home is where we always want to be.