Dear Editor,

The members of Team Lane - John Lane, Dominic Mele, Anna Marie Sasso, and Bruce A. Bennett - would like to thank the voters of Hawthorne who took time out from their busy schedules to go to the polls on primary day and make their voices heard. We would particularly like to thank all the residents who gave us their vote of confidence and with it the privilege of representing them in November's general election.

We would also like to thank our primary opponents for caring enough about this community we all love to step up and get involved, and for running a clean, honorable campaign. We welcome their input and ideas going forward, and we hope they will stay involved and help us lead Hawthorne into the future. 


Respectfully yours,

Councilman John Lane

Councilman Dominic Mele

Councilman Bruce A. Bennett

Candidate Anna Marie Sasso