With the November election just four months away, State Senator Tom Kean Jr. is the best choice for Congress. An independent-minded public servant, Senator Kean is attentive to the issues facing our state and country.

In a June 15 Op-ed, Kean called the death of George Floyd “gut-wrenching,” referencing his family’s generations-long support of civil rights. The state senator wrote about having worked to “ensure that children from all backgrounds have an equal opportunity for success in this state and in this country.”

Senator Kean’s record proves his commitment to achieving equality of opportunity in our state, which is an especially crucial endeavor amidst a global health pandemic and an economic slowdown. Passionate about school choice, Senator Kean has described failing public schools as “an opportunity lost,” and, “a future sacrificed,” for students. In the State Senate, Kean has acted on those words by supporting legislation to increase the quality of education for young New Jerseyans through empowering charter schools.

Senator Kean must be elected to Congress to continue his fight for a more fair, affordable, and inclusive New Jersey.