The League of Women Voters, Morristown Area proudly announces the opening of our League Centennial Display “Our First 100 Years” located at the Library of the Chathams, 214 Main Street, Chatham, NJ. Three local Chatham High School seniors, Adelaide Barkhorn, Lauren Cifilli and Lilianna Eisenhardt, have worked for the past three weeks through a Chatham High School internship program under the Direction of Dr. Rozella Clyde, Education Director of the Morristown Area League to research and create an interactive display tracing the history of the League in the Morristown Area with a special focus on the Chathams.

New Jersey played a vital role in the passage of the 19th Amendment by Congress 100 years ago on June 4th, 1919. The 19 th Amendment was then sent to the states as part of the Ratification process. The state of New Jersey was the 29th state to ratify the amendment on February 10, 1920. The New Jersey League of Women Voters was created in April 1920 in Newark. The Morristown Area league was granted a charter in 1947. Both Chatham Borough (1944) and Chatham Township (1945) had active local leagues through the 1980’s. First the Chathams merged in the 1980’s, then the Madison league merged with them in the 1990’s, and in 2012, they merged with Morristown to form the Morristown Area League.

This display will open officially on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 at 1 pm. The public is welcome to attend the official ribbon cutting.