SPRINGVILLE, PA - A GoFundMe account was set up in memory of Brian Hayes, 47 years old, who was murdered in the Weis Supermarket massacre on Thursday, June 8. 

A supermarket employee brought two guns to work overnight Thursday, blocked the store’s entrances and exits so no one could flee and fatally shot three fellow employees before turning the weapon on himself in a suburb of Scranton, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

One of the victims was Brian Hayes, the beloved brother of Kevin and Rebecca (Becki) Hayes of Berkeley Heights. 

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Becki wrote: My name is Becki Hayes and I am the sister in law of Brian Hayes. Brian was a 47-year-old father, husband, son and brother. Brian was a quiet guy and a man of few words but he had a heart of gold. He loved his wife Tina and their daughter Caitlin tremendously. Immediately after high school Brian enlisted in the US Navy and served on the USS Eishenhowser. He was deployed in the Middle East during Operation Dessert Shield and Dessert Storm serving our country.  

More recently, he has resided in Springville, Pennsylvania where he lived with his family and was employed by Weis Supermarkets. Unfortunately, Brian's life was cut too short when he and two other coworkers were senselessly gunned down and killed by a coworker early yesterday morning at work before the coward  then took his own life. 

In this world we have to keep our eyes set on those we can love and who have a need that we can try to do our part to help with. We have to take the sensationalism, hatred and power away form those who think that destroying the lives of others will give them the attention and fame that they are so desperately craving.  

Our family chooses love. There is a sweet little 7-year-old girl that has to go to bed tonight without the warmth and strength of her Daddy holding her close. A wife will never feel the touch of her husband again and a father has to do the unspeakable and bury his own child. 

Visit the GoFundMe Page to read more and to make a donation to help support the family's expenses.