Like many people in Waretown, I was upset when our local Wawa knocked down their building , packed up and hit the road. 


The word on the street was there was mold in the building , don't believe it , that's an easy fix for a company the size of Wawa, They took off anyway corporate greed always trumps community need.


 I was a loyal customer for 40 years or more, shopping  for the first time in a Wawa that sprung up in Bridgeton near Union Lake. I loved their coffee especially the paper cups. I feel my loyalty as well as that of many others helped build their brand and establish a convenience store Colossus.


 You can't get a quick cup of coffee anymore, not to mention the other products today's  well stocked WaWas have available. It provided a quick rendezvous for business and families alike to meet and head off for the day's destinations. It served as a town center we'll never have again.


 The corporate management decided to thumb their nose at the people of Waretown ...banking on the fact that we would all rush off to the Wawas in Barnagat and Forked River to to get the products we need. 


They even were so brash , arrogant and callous as to put a deed restriction ,should the property be sold , that no convenience store could be built there for 20 years. 


If this is true , and I've heard from several sources , I won't see a cup of coffee on that corner again in my lifetime.


 I'm a United States Marine corps disabled veteran. I received three purple hearts while serving with the Marines in Vietnam. The issue that has catapulted me to expose the Wawa greed is that on this Memorial Day, I have no place to give a donation to the VFW and get my poppy for the year.


 Every year for as long as It was there I made a special trip not just for coffee but for my Poppy which hung on my visor until the next Memorial Day. 


Service organizations and nonprofits including the Little League, Boy scouts, Girl scouts., etc.took advantage of the location and were allowed to seek donations from the people who came to shop.


 I can deal without the coffee, but not having a Poppy on my visor this year is going to hurt. I didn't fight and watch others suffer and die just to advance corporate greed in America.


The world has turned over in my 75 years, and the changes are appalling.      


Here's what I do the Wawas I visit. I use only the ATM because it's free, I take my money and hit the road following the example of Wawa itself and I spend my cash someplace else. Residents of Waretown, try it.  You'll feel good.