GLEN ROCK, NJ - As promised, the Borough Council passed the new pool fee ordinance without non-resident fees, soothing residents' angst over a policy that could cause overcrowding.

Residents Upset about letting non-residents buy pool passes

"We realize more time was needed to discuss the policy and help the public understand why were adding non-resident fees," Mayor Bruce Packer said on April 10.

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Packer said he received 80-100 emails about the subject and many of those emails lacked civility.

"I don't know if people feel it furthers their argument," he said. "It's very unfortunate when the discussion goes in that direction. I strongly suggest you think hard about how you have these debates."
Packer said he does not participate on social media debates but he was told the debates became very uncivil and there was 'finger pointing."

"The emails had a lot of four-letter words," he said. "After I read that, I don't care what you have to say."

During the public hearing on the matter, resident Liz Mulholland said she had "no opinion" on the non-resident fees but said an "additional look at new requirements and how we implement them" was in order.

Packer said there was a misconception about the reasoning behind the non-resident fees.

"Those who think this was because of a revenue short-fall are absolutely wrong," he said. "Operating the pool is just a part of our budget."

He explained that every outside dollar "literally offsets" another dollar they have to collect from residents.

"You would be surprised on how little leeway we have on expenses," Packer said.