GLEN ROCK, NJ - The Borough is once again participating in a community energy aggregation program - SEA program - to bring clean, renewable electricity to Glen Rock households, according to former councilwoman Arati Kreibich. 

What this means for Glen Rockers:

●  All residents will automatically be enrolled in the program, unless they opt out, and will receive electricity supply from Energy Harbor at almost double the amount of renewable energy (40% vs 23%) of PSE&G at a FIXED rate of $0.12696 per kWh

●  An average household should pay the same amount or a little less over 17 months as they would with PSE&G

●  The bill for this electricity supply still comes from PSE&G, and PSE&G still services our residents in the same efficient manner as before

●  You may opt out of this program at ANY time, including before it starts by calling Energy Harbor at 1-866-636-3749 or emailing

●  You also have the opportunity to Opt UP to 100% clean renewable energy at a modest increased rate of $0.134 per kWh (also fixed rate). Typically, that is about $5/month more for an average GR household.

○  To Opt UP, you must do so by March 7th!

There is a public Zoom information session set for February 25 at 7:30 p.m.

In the meantime, if folks have specific questions, they can check out FAQs at or they can email GREC at or former Councilmember Arati Kreibich at or Environmental Commissioner Ken Jones at