PARSIPPANY, NJ - After weeks of rumors regarding potential town-wide water contamination, concerned residents voiced their questions to the Parsippany Council at the September 11th meeting.  

Long time resident, Bob Venezia, asked for information as to why the well was taken offline by the water department.  He stated "The business administrator has previously responded that a well running dry is something that has happened in the past and that there was nothing to worry about". With questions remaining unanswered, it may be that there is.  

Mr. Venezia mentioned that he heard a rumor from a credible source that the well went dry because it became contaminated by a chemical that was at or near the well.  He asked the council to clarify this, "Was it a high level of toxic chemicals? What happened to the contaminated water?".

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He was told that he should email the Water Department with his questions.

Other residents voiced similar concerns.  There was no direct answer by the Council.  They stated that they were legally not able to answer the questions.