JERSEY CITY, NJ - John Metro, finance director for Jersey City, will serve as acting business administrator, filling the position vacated by outgoing business administrator Brian Platt, Mayor Steven Fulop announced Friday.

The move comes after Platt left the position vacant to take on a similar role in Kansas City, Missouri, and will continue for 90 days from November 20, or until the City Council approves a permanent replacement.

Hired in 2013 as a fiscal analyst, Metro served as budget director before being appointed to city’s top financial position. Two months ago, Metro became a member of the Committee on Governmental Budgeting & Fiscal Policy, a national think tank for emerging issues, concepts, and techniques in public finance.

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The Department of Administration manages the day-to-day operations of the City under the direction of the Business Administrator.

As defined by the New Jersey state statute known as "The Faulkner Act", the Business Administrator is the highest-ranking non-elected official in the City. Much like the Chief Operating Officer of a large corporation, the Business Administrator is the senior manager of City operations and is responsible for the effective implementation of the Mayor’s policies and directives.

Chapter 3 of the Jersey City Municipal Code specifies that "the Business Administrator shall serve under the direction and supervision of the Mayor.”

Metro will be the mayor’s representative at city council meetings and caucuses, and will serve as the person who brings administration legislation to the council for approval.

“John Metro has worked closely with the mayor for 7 years and helped formulate 6 budgets with no municipal tax increase. His efforts have been recognized nationally, most recently with his appointment to the Committee on Governmental Budgeting & Fiscal Policy, all of which is testament to the instrumental work he's been doing for the betterment of Jersey City,” said city spokesperson Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione.  “This appointment is consistent with what the mayor has done for 7 years in giving young and dynamic city residents the opportunity to lead. “

Metro is the third person to fill the post of Business Administrator since Mayor Steven Fulop took office in July 2013.