EDISON, NJ – The  900,000 sq. ft. Amazon Fulfillment Center located on Rt. 27 is the subject of continuing backlash from Edison residents who claim their quality of life continues to be impacted by the truck traffic generated by the facility.  At the November 28, 2018 council meeting, residents claimed that the wall put in place to reduce the noise has not worked.

Lisa Bukachevsky, who spoke at the council meeting, stated that while the wall has helped block the sight of the warehouse from her backyard, it has not helped with noise levels, stating, “it’s the same level of noise as before,” referring to sound coming from trucks banging and driving by.  She stated that there was a vibration issue as well as noise emanating from the facility. Ms. Bukachevsky also stated that she was advised by a representative from Amazon that there would not be an increase in noise due to the holidays but she she stated “that’s not true. It's pretty bad.”

Others stated that the noise from the facility and the truck traffic has a greater impact at night, stating they could not even sleep at night, because the noise level was so excessive. The Amazon Fulfillment Center is open for 24 hours, pointed out one resident, meaning that the  noise pollution “is 24/7.”

Marilyn O’Connor, another Edison resident stated, “The noise has level has continued. We are not getting our sleep.”  Ms. O’Connor further requested that the Council “please think about the residents when you’re approving any type of a plan for a new business.”