CORAL SPRINGS, FL – City officials offered Monday more details on which businesses are considered non-essential and required to close to the public as a result of a Broward County order.

They also explained that those businesses can still operate as long as they do their work over the phone or digitally or through mailing, shipping and delivery services.

Additionally, officials explained that non-essential businesses are permitted “to perform the minimum activities necessary to preserve the value of their inventory, preserve their plant and equipment condition, provide security, process payroll and employee benefits, and facilitate employees working remotely so long as non-essential businesses practice social distancing and all other measures as advised by the CDC.”

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Here are the businesses considered non-essential:

(1)  Auto parking:
(2)  Auto washing/polishing

Services/Business and Personal:

(1)  Advertising
(2)  Alteration services
(3)  Artists and art dealers (including retouching, sketching, cartooning and crayon)
(4)  Auto detailing
(5)  Baseball grounds or parks, where admission charged, excluding city-owned parks
(6)  Blueprinting, photostat and like
(7)  Carpet and rug cleaning
(8)  Cleaning/maid service
(9)  Computer services
(10)  Dating service
(11)  Diaper service
(12)  Driving school
(13)  Employment agency
(14)  Engravers, lithographers, printing and/or job printing
(15)  Florists
(16)  Hair salon, barbershop, beauty shops, nail salon:
(17)  Home inspection service
(18)  Interior decorators
(19)  Import/export business
(20)  Leasing, equipment so long as the leasing company supplies other essential businesses the supplies necessary to operate
(21)  Party planners
(22)  Photo shops, photographers, developing, video photographers
(23)  Psychic palm reader, etc.
(24)  Talent/model agencies
(25)  Tailor/seamstress
(26)  Tanning salon
(27)  Upholsterer


 (1)  Tutoring service


(1)  Amusement center/arcade
(2)  Amusement center (non-arcade)
(3)  Athletic clubs/fitness facility
(4)  Bowling alleys
(5)  Carnival, including sideshows incident thereto
(6)  Coin-operated amusement machines distributor
(7)  Dancing schools
(8)  Golf course/driving range
(9)  Karate studio
(10)  Movie theater, or other theater or place of entertainment
(11)  Music school
(12)  Nightclub
(13)  Riding academy
(14)  Rinks, bicycle, skating or other
(15)  Tennis or racquetball clubs
(16)  Travel agency

Financial Services:

(1)  Brokers—Ships, yachts and motorboats
(2)  Collection and claims agents 

Food/Beverage Services:

(1)  Caterers

Health Care:

 (1)  Weight control clinic

Non-classified Sales Reps:

 (1)  Telemarketing

Professional Services:

(1)  Auction sales
(2)  Real estate brokers, firm or agent:
(3)  Title companies 


(1)  Pawnshops unless there is the sale of firearms and supplies 
(2)  Consignment shop
(3)  Florists
(4)  Junk dealers
(5)  All other retail merchants not otherwise deemed an essential business by Broward County Emergency Order 20-01
 (7)  Rental service of furniture
If you have questions, call Coral Springs’ business assistance hotline at 954-344-5772 or email: