Letter to the Editor:

Am I the only veteran living in Barnegat that’s ashamed and embarrassed to live here? Once again our mayor and township committee have failed to lower the flags in town to half-staff to honor the heroes who gave everything to defend our country!

Just in case they just didn’t realize the significance of the honor here’s the notice from President Joe Biden:

NATIONAL HALF-STAFF on May 31 (Memorial Day)

The President ordered all U.S. Flags to HALF-STAFF across the USA, at public/government facilities along with all other Flags flying where the U.S. Flag is hoisted, from sunrise to noon / 12 pm (local time) on Mon., May 31, Memorial Day, to honor our military personnel who have died while serving in the US Armed Forces (combat and non-combat).

So we have to ask just why the town chose to ignore the President’s order. Did they decide that it just wasn’t worth the effort? Did they not want to pay the public works staff overtime? I think the bottom line answer to this and to so many other issues in Barnegat is that they just don’t care!

What ever the reason, I for one veteran will be at tomorrow morning’s 10:00 township committee meeting to ask the mayor to explain just why! Please come join me.

Sincerely, Bill Neyenhouse