Stop the Bin Ban

Friends and Neighbors:

Why has our township council, with enthusiastic backing of the mayor, begun a fast, decisive initiative to ban clothing bins here in Wayne? If they are an eyesore, let’s fine the owners enough to make them keep them nice. If licensing the bins costs too much, let’s raise the license fees. If they are rolled out without permits, hand out hefty fines. In other words, a few simple measures will solve any appearance or cost problems. Managed properly, the bins save money by cutting down trash which our taxes pay to put in landfill.

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The bins serve a useful purpose AND many of them serve reputable charities. One can argue about whether the bin owners should make a profit or which charities are the most worthwhile; but our township is not and should not be in the business of keeping people from making money or regulating charities. That’s why this bin ban is not only inappropriate, but would also set a bad precedent.

If Planet Aid, one of the bin owners, is abusing the public trust, I’m glad Councilman Schweighardt let us know. My wife and I will not use their bins. But isn’t it a little weird to ban all bins, penalizing legitimate charities, because Planet Aid is doing something wrong? Isn’t this the kind of government overreach so many of us are fed up with?

Something doesn’t add up here. Please reach out to the township council to stop this effort before it not only hurts legitimate charities but also costs the town money.

John Pennington