PARSIPPANY, NJ - Longtime Parsippany resident Jacqueline Corvino has a passion for making Parsippany clean and beautiful.  She spends many of her weekends picking up trash around the Lake Hiawatha area and has created quite a buzz around her efforts.  More and more volunteers ask to join with her in this mission, as each weekend the growing group tackles larger and larger areas.

One of her strongest convictions is the state of Parsippany's storm drains.  According to Corvino, they are blocked up with debris that has accumulated for so long, it's become impossible to move for a lay person as they've become solid as a rock.  She also goes on to note that when the storm drains are blocked, water from rain and snow can't get into them causing flooded puddles and dangerous ice in frigid temperatures.  She explains to residents that the Township of Parsippany has machines that can clean these out quite quickly and she implores the Township to do so.

To watch a video of Jackqueline Corvino with Lou Valori discuss this issue, Click Here