READINGTON, NJ – State Police are predicting a possible bumper crop of sweet potatoes this year in a rather unlikely place: The median of Route 78 here.

That’s because the median was “deluged with Mother Nature's sweet, starchy treats” as a result of a westbound accident on Sunday, police said.

“Although the crash looked severe, we are happy to report that no one was seriously injured," police announced. “Things can be replaced, but people can't.”

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The state Department of Transportation, Whitehouse Fire Department, Department of Public Health, and Defalco's Towing “did an outstanding job clearing the scene, but despite their best efforts, we suspect some of those taters escaped the cleanup.”

Policed caution that no one should plan on harvesting the spuds.

“Besides the inherent dangers of lingering on the median of an interstate, it's against the law to be there unless you're broken down,” they said. Because Rt. 78 is a “limited access highway,” no pedestrians, horses, bicycles, or potato farming are allowed.